A Dying Breed

Webs, plates, rollers, joggers and folds are terms that are being added to the endangered diction list, as print journalism is slowly becoming extinct.

Stateofthemedia.org states that from the year 2003 to 2012 print advertising revenues have fallen by roughly $26 million, and online revenues are on a steady incline. With this shift from print media to digital media, daily papers across the country are shutting their doors and turning off their presses.

Vanguard Printing uses a letterpress-style printing press that is completely hands-on and has no computer oversight. During this process, pressmen Brent Sells and John Coates are constantly on the move, checking for focus, alignment and color balances.

Vanguard’s printing press is more complex than sending off documents through a computer, and Sells and Coates are a testament to the art behind it. In the ever-changing media landscape, species of professionals like Sells and Coates might not be around for too much longer.

**Four months after this story was published, Vanguard Printing ran out of business and sold its press due to a low demand of printing contracts.