Native Water Crisis

This series is a culmination of photographs focusing on indigenous communities and their struggles with water or lack there of. Forty percent of Navajo families live without running water in their homes. The Chinchilla’s, a family of five that live near Smith Lake, NM, had a non-profit install a water tank and faucet in their trailer. It marked the first time their newborn son was washed under running water. Also, one of the only special-needs schools in the Navajo Nation, equipped to handle intensive care students, suffers from sulfur-reeking water. To clean medical equipment, cases of water are transported to its facilities. Finally, the essay shows the struggles of water protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. A blizzard struck the Oceti Sakowin camp on Dec. 5, 2017 when thousands of veterans marched with protestors in solidarity against the pipeline.