Freelancing So Far / by Nick Fojud

It has been three months now since I began to freelance in Albuquerque and New Mexico as a photojournalist, event photographer, sports photographer, videographer and any type of media maker as I can be. That being said it has opened me up to many different types of assignments and tasks that I would have not been able to experience if I was a staffer. 

So I see the advantages of being a freelance photographer, the freedom, the ability to make your own hours, the diversity, these are all things that I enjoy as of right now. Although, many photographers in Albuquerque and in the industry of freelance photography and freelance videography speak about the stress that comes with it. I feel as if everyday I wake up I have to hustle my way to make the funds to eat, pay bills and to survive. On that note the hustle is different than waking up everyday and pushing yourself to be a great photographer. For example the hustle means I make my way to a local speedway and attempt to sell stills and video clips to racers for some extra cash to pay my bills. Hustling means finding gigs that will pay, and pay enough to not let people take advantage of you, which is hard because even only after three months a spirit can be broken. If I didnt have to hustle for money as many privileged people do, I could spend my time chasing assignments that could help my community and shoot things that can push me to be a better photojournalist. As of right now though I am in this rut of shooting anything just for money to get by.

It seems a little ironic that you go into the world of photojournalism and photography because you love it and you think the cliche line "you'll never work a day in your life if you love your job". Well the love begins to fade when you have $20.00 in your bank account at the end of the month.  

All the doom and gloom aside though, here are some photos and videos I have made since.