Advancements / by Nick Fojud

Somtimes the best way to motivate yourself is to drowned yourself in work and the things that you love. Going into 2016 I realize how much time I spent at games, news assignments and getting things worked out for my portfolio and photo competitions. The time I spent and all the instances that I had to stay late at work have finally showed a glimmer of advancement. Other then doing picture editing at a local college newspaper, I just got hired as a freelancer for a sports photography outlet. It might not seem a lot but its the first actual photo job I have outside of college. It feels strange, overwhelming but extremely humbling. As many people can probably relate, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to your own work. I look through my photos after every assignment and do not think they are every up to the quality I want them to be at. I always am striving to keep my eye through the viewfinder and never miss a moment. To always be ready and professional and to try things others around me havent. 

With this new year rolling in, I am going to be taking a class load that will be the most challenging to date, a more work as a freelancer and also a teaching assistant position for the journalism departments photojournalism course. Its a great feeling to have so much on my plate because every thing I do this year, I hope will inch me along this terrifying path.