From Staffer to Editor / by Nick Fojud

It has been a stressful couple of weeks to say the least. I have taken the steps to becoming the Lobo's Photo Editor. I thought it wouldnt be to bad, send a couple of staffers off for assignments, wait at the office till they submit them, not so bad. Then I came to realize that I would be picking up more assignments than I ever thought I would be. Every day its a constant cat and mouse game. I am going racing the clock to meet a deadline, while in contact with 4 different sources in 4 different parts of the city to set up times for me to spend a day with them documenting what they do, who they are and so on so forth. 

On the few days where there is silence, like today, I look back at this madness and remember that I had a blast at everyone of those stressful assignments. Wether it was being on the Lobo's football field at University Stadium, hearing thousands of people cheer and boo or trying to convince a curator at Popejoy's Museum to let me take photos of the show. 

I wouldnt give it up for a second.